Real Life Experience

While classroom experience is necessary to learn the foundational culinary and management skills, nothing beats real-life experience gained by working in the industry. ProStart® students learn how to be an industry professional through hands-on work under the direction of a mentor. Mentors help students make the connection between their present performance and their future career.

Real-Life Experience Benefits

During mentored work experiences, ProStart students master the skills that industry experts identified as critical to success, such as:

  • Knife skills
  • Customer service
  • Cost control
  • Culinary techniques
  • Marketing

Students also learn the importance of arriving on time prepared for work, teamwork and accountability.

ProStart National Certificate of Achievement

By completing 400 hours of real-life work experience, students meet the work experience requirements needed to earn the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement.

Find out how you can get started with real-life experience as a mentor or student.

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